Natural Permanent Hair Straightening in Atlanta with Master Hair Stylist, Charles Farlow at Authentic Beauty's Hair Salon. Call: 404-660-3067.  Located at 4674 Roswell Rd Atlanta, GA 30342 (2 miles from Buckhead and 2 miles from 285 INSIDE the Perimeter)
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Natural Permanent Hair Straightening in Atlanta

Charles Farlow, Master Stylist, of Authentic Beauty's Salon uses Zerran's revolutionary Reform Natural Hair Straightening System that permanently relaxes or straightens the hair without the consequences of chemical straightening or thermal reconditioning.

  • 100% Vegan

  • Free of Harsh Chemicals

  • No Objectionable Odors

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Schedule an appointment today with Master Stylist, Charles Farlow, and get the beautiful straight hair naturally without harsh chemicals you are seeking.

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NEW for multicultural and international hair textures, It's time to STRAIGHTEN UP! Hair Straightening and Texturizing or Thermal Reconditioning. As industry experts on textured hair we are excited to offer this amazing and rewarding experience to a global audience.

Natural Straightening Technique
Have you always dreamed of straight manageable hair? Do you fight with a blow dryer and a flat iron day and night to straighten your hair? Do you have an international or diverse ethnicity that contributes to a frizzy, wavy, or a highly textured hair type? Hair Straightening and Texturizing may be for you.

Hair Straightening and Texturizing, Japanese Hair Texturing, Thermal Retexturizing Thermal Reconditioning, Thermal Rebonding. These are the buzzwords for the hair and beauty industry. Yet, most people are still in the dark about this revolutionary salon service. The hum is everywhere and many clients have heard that it's a marvelous experience where frizzy, over curly, wavy, and unmanageable hair it taken to a soft straight and silky structure. The service originated in Japan some six to nine years ago.

Hair Straightening Atlanta

What is it? It is a chemical process developed for Japanese women who wanted to get rid of their wavy hair. This Japanese Hair Straightening Hair in Atlanta is a process that changes thick wavy, coarse hair to shiny polished locks. The best results are on virgin hair (no previous chemicals; color, perming, or straightening) with the process lasting from six months to a year. American women now have access to this service creating a whole new audience of clients who can now have straight hair.

Clients need to understand from the beginning that this is a permanent service that comes with long term continuous commitment with new growth visits often just as expensive as the original service because the steps must be repeated.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hair Straightening and Texturizing

Am I a candidate for Hair Straightening and Texturizing? hat is a consultation and why do I need one?
We recommend a salon consultation. The best candidate is the client with virgin hair. Hair that is free from chemical services such as relaxers, color, and highlights. An individual determination is made on each client.

How long will service last?
Hair Straightening and Texturizing is a permanent service. The hair will remain straight until it grows out.

Can clients use a Hair Straightening and Texturizing product on hair that has been previously treated with relaxer products containing Sodium Hydroxide?

How long should a client wait before receiving a coloring service after having a Hair Straightening and Texturizing service?
We recommend 7 to10 days for most types of hair color. It is possible that the hair may revert if colored to soon after the process.

Will this process affect the color of color treated hair?
Yes, artificial color may fade somewhat with this process. A consultation is required to make a full determination.

How much does this service cost?
Some places charge from $400.00 to $750.00. We charge $100 an hour. Typically it takes 2 to 3 hours dependingon the length and density of your hair.


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Or Call Charles for more information at 404-660-3067.

  Located at 4674 Roswell Rd Atlanta, GA 30342
(2 miles from Buckhead and 2 miles from 285 INSIDE the Perimeter)


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